Bluegreen makes reservations even easier!

People who say they can never make a reservation at Bluegreen have not tried in the last couple of years.  Bluegreen has a very simple and effective means of making a reservation anytime and anywhere you want.   With Plan-it Bluegreen, all you have to do is select your destination from the pull down menu, select the number of nights you want to stay and the month you want to travel.  The Plan-it Bluegreen is the first thing you see when you log into your Bluegreen account.

Search by destination

Here’s what I got when I was looking for a vacation in Daytona Beach, FL in Sept 2014.  Mind you, that’s only 7 months away and look at what’s available at the “world’s most famous beach”.

Every spot in green has an availability for a 3 night stay.  You can filter the results by clicking a resort and room size to the right.

It really couldn’t be easier.  Remember, everyone has an 11 month window to book a vacation.  The sooner you book it the better the selection.

Search by date

What if you wanted to see what was available at all Bluegreen resorts for a particular month?  That’s easy too. Just click the tab “search by date” and enter the dates you are interested in.

You wind up with a table that shows all the resorts available in the Bluegreen inventory for that date.  You can the click on any resort and you will see exactly what’s available.


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